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7 Reasons To Attend the Second Annual Star-Spangled Salsa Fest in McKinney TX



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James Avery Replacement Program

James Avery jewelry is a Texas staple of beauty and amazing customer service which is no surprise that the James Avery offers a replacement program. Just about every female I know in Texas owns a piece of this legend's craftsmanship. What's the story of James Avery? In 1954, James Avery ... READ the POST

How to Create an Easy Commute to Dallas

💛 Too many trips to Dallas this week for graduations and celebrations had me opting in to my fave mode of travel last night to SMU. DART Rail!! 💛 How to Create an Easy Commute to Dallas I just couldn’t handle 75 on a Friday evening. 🤪 Don’t ask me how I ended up matching the train ... READ the POST