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Cuba Article Roundup

If you want to follow the entire thread of my travels to Cuba, get all the links here:

Cuban Cars  http://wearecollincounty.com/featured/cuban-cars/

There is no Wifi in Cuba http://wearecollincounty.com/travel/there-is-no-wifi-in-cuba/

How to travel to Cuba as an American http://www.ireallylovechocolate.com/lifestyle/how-to-travel-to-cuba-as-an-american/

37 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit Cuba http://www.ireallylovechocolate.com/lifestyle/37-things-you-need-to-know-before-you-visit-cuba/

What to Pack for Cuba http://www.ireallylovechocolate.com/lifestyle/what-to-pack-for-cuba/
51 Photos of Cuba that Will Make You Want to Pack your Bags  http://www.ireallylovechocolate.com/lifestyle/51-photos-of-cuba-that-will-make-you-want-to-pack-your-bags/



Where to Eat in Cuba   http://www.ireallylovechocolate.com/lifestyle/where-to-eat-in-cuba/


Taking the Hershey Train through Cuba http://www.ireallylovechocolate.com/lifestyle/hershey-train/

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