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austin road trip

Austin Road Trip

Austin road trips start early.Like 5AM early.

Gotta get thru Plano and on our way to I-35 before Dallas awakes.  Its painful to wake up at 4AM but not as painful as the traffic to get from Woodall Rogers to southbound 35



We had Bow Bow and Dutch with us (but of course) so our first stop is always in West, Texas – across fromt he famous Czech Stop.  Slovacek’s!!!  We love Slovacek’s because of the spacious parking lot, access from northbound or southbound, ridiculously modern and clean restrooms, fro yo bar, bbq bar, kolache bar, coffee bar.  Basically everything.  But the big draw are the 2 dog parks for either small or large dogs.

slovaceks dog park

The Joanna and Chip Gaines reached out and asked for us to stop in downtown Waco. By ask, I mean, we heard the calling through the billboard off I-35.

magnolia homes waco


Who woulda thunk just a year ago, Waco would be a destination?




I adore the show Fixer Upper.

This was our destination.

Can’t miss the 2 giant silos on the midst of downtown.



See that line forming behind Bowden and I?



But, alas, Waco was just a temporary stop.  We must get to the ATX.




First things first –> Cupcakes


FullSizeRender(4) IMG_8759 IMG_8756

Yes, you can get coffee AND Tom’s shoes


IMG_8749 IMG_8748 IMG_8766 IMG_8767

Soooo . . NYC.  Poem typed out on Congress Ave anyone?

IMG_8768 IMG_8771 IMG_8774

You have to get ice cream at Amy’s . . . but that line.



A ride down South 1st Ave . . .




The best swimming pool in the state of Texas #BartonSprings

IMG_8789 IMG_8792

Oh my god . . . heaven in my mouth . . thank you Mighty Cone

IMG_8795  IMG_8797

A walk to the awesome Independence Brewing Co with Dutch our Great Labradane



Dutch’s first swimming lesson at Zilker park as the sun rises



IMG_8812 IMG_8813


He’s contemplating this whole swimming lesson thing



C’mon Dutch!  You can do it!


zilker park zilker park


Well, he’s not ready to swim yet.  But he LOVES to eat so I guess we’ll just chill at Austin Java for more tacos and lots of coffee.  Dutch approves of this plan =)




Road trips to Austin are always awesome!



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