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top dog tacos mckinney
top dog tacos mckinney

Top Dog Tacos in McKinney, TX

I had the great pleasure of meeting Kristen, Jenn and our fearless model, Molly on the Square in downtown McKinney today.

How lucky are we to have everything we need in this fabulous town? That includes adorable hot dog/taco shops that makes everyone happy (yep, kids, husbands and even teens).

The owners, Kristen and Jenn are the powerhouse team behind McKinney Catering and in their words, from the website, this is how Top Dog Tacos came about:

Top Dog Tacos hot dogs and tacos started as a small catering business in downtown McKinney inside the old DMV building in 2004.  In 2016 with more and more customers and clients asking us when we were going to open a restaurant,  we decided to go for it.  But not just any restaurant- we wanted something that married our love of street food, Mexican food, and family friendly walk ups of years gone by. With the revival of food trucks and downtown festivals along with our love of all things Food TV, quick serve,  gourmet, and locally sourced, Top Dog Tacos was born.  After years of black tie service and formal events, we wanted to create a laid back-throw back to easy and delicious food with a twist that hopefully will become a part of the memories your family makes for years to come.  We were fortunate enough to partner with a Texas Wagyu cattle company that provides us with our all natural Kobe beef hot dogs and Wagyu beef.  Hot dogs and tacos you and your family can feel good about!



Top Dog Tacos McKinney


Molly (pictured above) is showing me their hot dog cart that you probably saw at one of the downtown McKinney festivals like the Red, White & BOOM recently!

So darling!

If Brian saw this, he would want me to get one and place it in our kitchen and he would request hot dogs every single day!

Speaking of hot dogs, when Brian (the husband who enjoys anything with meat) returns here, he is all about the McKinney Dog (Mustard,‎ house ketchup, house relish, onion jam, roasted jalapeños).  He hails from San Antonio and the spicier the better.  He also loves the Muffuletta Dog (Salami, Provolone, olive tapenade, and herbed vinaigrette on toasted Poppyseed bun). The boy is crazy about olives!!

Top Dog Tacos McKinney


This little shop is tiny but exploding with good people and good food and their patio is adorable. Come September, Brian and I will thoroughly be enjoying that patio and cooler temps.

One more thing, its slightly hidden, which makes the hunt and reward so much better.

Don’t worry, its not far, it’s just around the corner from filtered coffee shop and across from Doug & Lynda’s Ski Shop. It also makes a perfect stop after a Saturday at the Chestnut Square Farmer’s Market, grab your produce then swing by for a hot dog or their awesome Saturday breakfast menu then go hit your fave shops in McKinney (that would be pretty much be all of them for me.)

Here is the address:

104 S Chestnut Street




Make sure to stop in (they are open mostly midday and some morning times) and tell me which one you indulged yourself in!

Top Dog Tacos McKinney



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