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The Must-have No Soliciting Printable


My husband and I work from home so solicitors can be rather disturbing to our workflow.  Considering our doorbell is the Westminster chimes, every time the bell rings, our 2 dogs go insane!!  And it never happens when we are Netflix and chilling, its only when I’m conducting a webinar or my husband is on the phone with client.  Ugh!!

And of course, there are the pajama pants which I think all of my neighbors have seen me in.  We work from home you guys . . . sometimes, real pants just don’t happen.

A “No Soliciting” sign was definitely in order, so I made a few color choices for our house and thought y’all would like them too!

You could laminate it and stick it to your front door with some command strips, attach to a wreath or just place in the front entryway.

You could also: place in a frame on the reception desk of a business or office, on a public bulletin board, etc.

#1 Click on any of the pics and the pdf file will download automatically.

#2 Enjoy your silence


collin county soliciting




collin county




collin county


collin county


(I change mine according to the color of my wreath on the front door)


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