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Here’s your NHS stole Plano Senior High Students

Dear Plano Senior High Students . .

I was sorry to hear about the rule that says no special National Honor Society stoles can be worn for graduation. This news is trending everywhere. Its on Fox News, CBS, Dallas News, Facebook and then some.

The news was complete horse shit:

If you are in the Plano Senior High National Honor Society

I know you worked hard for those grades, performed well on exams and gave many service hours of your time.

Not everyone can earn National Honor Society, either because they couldn’t earn the grades or didn’t want to  . . . perhaps, music, art or sports is where they specialized.





So, for those of you who didn’t earn National Honor Society (for whatever reason that is), don’t fret.  You see, society puts a lot of pressure to strengthen our weaknesses.  Screw that, its total bullshit.   Go after what you love and show potential in. You have to be quick and nimble in this economy.  No one talks about this . . except for this guy:


(start at :32)


and again here (start at 1:55)

When you graduate both high school and for some –  college, we are equals. In fact, many thought leaders encourage us to “unschool” ourselves as soon as possible.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. ” – Albert Einstein

We have moved into a world that doesn’t need gatekeepers.  Case in point, Justin Bieber. Mark Zuckerburg.

It is a tough world, you will need to be smarter than the next girl or guy, move faster, be better, offer more.  I hire a lot of people to assist me in my different businesses and projects, I don’t look at grades or resumes, I only want to know how hungry you are on how good you are at xyz. I want the best at xyz.  You will be hired for projects and jobs that require you to be the best, the best hairstylist or have the best grades to get into law school.  Being unique and distinct is essential.  Why would a school want you to be the same? Many of us have theories on that but this is a discussion for another day.


In this life:

Some people will have a better car than you, a better office, a better salary/house/vacation/life.  [side note: I traveled through Cuba last year and everything is the same there.  Same amount of crap salary, equal amounts of no wifi and some days no bread. Feel free to travel there and see for yourself]

I don’t know what happen to our public schools but not allowing students to shine for  what they have worked hard for is a disservice to them. Please don’t let your these rules hold you back or think a move like this is okay.  Focus on your strengths. This is your graduation.  If your strength is academics let it shine. If its sports, go for it.  Wanna be a welder? The economy is looking to pay welders six figures and up right now for secure positions (middle management cubicle jobs about 60-85k with shitloads of stress).


Please keep going after the things you are good at.


And if you want an NHS stole, just check Snapchat on the day of your graduation and use this geofilter.

plano senior high nhs


Want to read more about hustle, choosing yourself and living in the new world sans gatekeepers, check out some of these blogs and books.

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Blogs: Gary Vaynerchuk – James Altucher – Tim Ferriss – Seth Godin – Grant Cardone.


I applaud you for whatever your specialty is, we need people who go after their strengths and get attention.  This is how you will succeed.


what to do in plano




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