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In 30 Days, these 3 Insane non-Plano businesses are Opening in Plano

In 30 Days, these 3 Insane non-Plano businesses are Opening in Plano

Can you feel it?

Can you see it?

Things are changing quickly in Collin County.  I’m not sure the exact moment the shift started, maybe it was 2 years ago or even 3 years ago . . . but now that the horrific 75 construction is pretty much complete and Toyota and others are making a landslide (literally) into the area, it feels like EVERYTHING is changing.


New businesses from California like Trader Joe’s have sprouted up everywhere.


Hipster cafes like Smoke have found a new home in our county.


Home prices are exponentially increasing (yay . . . maybe not yay)

go ape plano



What’s really fun and exciting is when unique and totally different places decide to settle in which keeps us from having to schlep into Dallas or the Bishop Arts district to be around the “cool” kids.  I mean, we’re pretty cool.  Aren’t we?


go ape plano


Right before Spring hits us in 2016, we will have these 3 amazing new places in the center of Collin County:

  1. A Food Truck Park in Plano
  2. Hash House a Go Go Restaurant
  3. The Go Ape Adventure Ropes Course


(our NEW group is starting to jam, join us!)

click on the pic y’all

We are Collin County Facebook Group(1)


Food truck park

Never mind that food trucks have been hot in other cities for years and especially down at Klyde Warren park in Dallas; their moment in Plano is now. A food truck park called Hub Streat is expected to open in March just steps from downtown Plano. Plans call for an anchor restaurant made of former shipping containers and a gaggle of food trucks parked nearby. Plano is going hipster y’all.

To be located at 14th Street and Avenue M in Plano.hash hash a go go plano


Hash House a Go Go

This restaurant from the West is going to make a huge impact on the town (and quite possibly our waist lines).  Its all about the twisted farm food, the food is fun, exciting, delicious and completely over the top.  Case in point:

Andy’s Upside Down Chicken Pot Pie

Cracker crust pot pie shell stuffed with roasted chicken, red potato, veggies, pan gravy served with mashed potatoes.

When I lived in San Diego, the line was out the door and I NEVER got the chance to eat at this restaurant.  Now that we’ll both be in Plano, I might just be the first person in line (with my sweat pants on of course).  I’m soooooo freaking ready!

hash house a go go plano


To be located at Park and Preston.



Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Excited for all things outdoors and adventure (nature is my happy place!) This course (not just a zipline) is embedded into the Oak Point Nature Preserve and going to make this park truly exciting.  The course is made up of numerous rope ladders, 39 crossings, including the Pirates Crossing, Fisherman’s Trap, Bosun’s Chair, 2 Tarzan swings and 5 zip lines.

go ape plano

The Go Ape Oak Point Park course is Go Ape’s first treetop adventure course to open in Texas and Oak Point is seriously on point y’all.

We walk these trails every week and our puppy Dutch has been scoping it out as well . . . . we have yet to break the news to him that he will not be attached to a zip line any time soon.

go ape plano go ape plano go ape plano


However, both his Mommy and Daddy have their GoPro’s charged and ready for the moment the Open sign appears.  I love my GoPro!


So of the 3 newbies coming to town, which one is on your list to adventure into first?

Or would it be more like, Hash Hash a Go Go for breakfast, then off to play at the park . . . then chilling in the last afternoon at the Food Truck Park before heading home to crash?  We are adults, we can only take so much in a day afterall.  =)




what to do in plano



P.S.  Check out this article on the grand opening of the Retreat Center at the park  (click on the pic)

oak point nature preserve
Brian and Becca Niederkrom at Grand Opening of Oak Point Nature Preserve & Retreat Center




P.P.S.  Working away on the NEW Business Listing Directory for Collin County.  If you know of a small business on a budget here are the deets $3 per month, only pay month to month (yay!) and lots of lovely SEO juice such as pictures, links etc.  Reach out to me to get on the waiting list.




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