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7 Places to Get a High-Quality Monogram in Collin County


First found on ancient Roman and Greek coins, monograms detected territory. Rulers would stamp their initials on their region’s coins, declaring dominance over that currency. In this way the monogram was first a sign for ownership, clearly marking what’s mine and what’s yours. But on the flip side, a monogram could symbolize where you belonged. Simply through his pocket change, a man could show the lands where he lived, worked and visited as well as the ruler who he followed.

Fast forward even more and the monogram showed unity. For the 1950s household, society endorsed couples finding happiness through a spouse and family. After finding that happiness, there was no better way to celebrate a new family name than with printing it on everything in sight. From bath towels or monograms stitched onto the end of a table cloth, a monogram symbolized a family’s bond and hopeful legacy in the future.

Out of every way to characterize ourselves in fashion, what better way is there than using your own name? A monogram shows individuality, three unique letters prescribed to you at birth. A monogram shows ownership, a symbol for the very person who’s wearing it. And most importantly, a monogram shows pride, whether that be a pride in yourself, your style, or the fact that your initials just look great together.

So you want to monogram a baseball cap, right?  But thats not all . . . you want to stamp your monogram on everything, I mean everything –> dining room chairs? YUP!  Purse?  YUP




Yeti Cup?

But of course!


Monograms for the HOME



Thankfully, we live in the land of monograms.  So gather up your stash of monogram worthy pieces and check out some of these places in our Collin County area.


monograms plano

#1 Abbey Layne Designs  (click the link)




monograms plano


#2 Embroid It!

(Willowbend Mall, Plano)



monograms plano



#3 Dixieline Threads  (click the link)




collin county monograms



monograms plano

#4 Beyond Blessed Embrodery   (click the link)




monograms plano


#5 Southern Charm   (click the link)




monograms plano


#6 EmbroidMe

(Stonebriar Mall)




monograms plano


#7 MoonPie Design  (click the link)



What are you waiting for?  Turn that Super Target t-shirt find into something fabulous (you know the one, the one you found in Winter for $2.88 hanging on a back rack).  Just add Monograms.  =)


One more thing, my fellow Texan . . . did you know that I send out a FREE printable every Thursday. If you live in Texas (ummm, that’s you), you’ll love this one I did just last week.

Click on the image to be taken to the post.  Yay!

texas printable



Monograms Away!






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P.P.S.  Go LOVE on those Mom-owned, local businesses.  I love it when we all support each other!!






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