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5 Tricks to Make Your Commute from Anna to Dallas Painless

5 Tricks to Make Your Commute from Anna to Dallas Painless

5 Tricks to Make Your Commute from Anna to Dallas Painless


Your daily commute may be the least pleasant time of your day. Delayed trains, traffic jams, bad weather, driving in the dark at 6:30am and then again at 5:00pm – it’s not the ideal atmosphere in which to begin or even end your day. When I cross over the 75 on Parker road at 6:00pm, I see all of you poor peeps in bumper to bumper all the way through Allen, Mckinney, Fairview, Melissa and Anna.  My heart hurts for you all.  =(

I mean, a commute can be quite hellish (I only had to do it for 2 years of my entire life, yay) but it can also be used as a productivity time such as eating your meal or making phone calls.  Here are 5 other ways to make your commute painless . .


#1 Set a driving playlist. Whether that involves playing along with radio morning shows, jamming out to T Swift or listening to a great audio book or podcast.  And oh btw, Serial just came out with season 2!!!  This is the kinda thing you need as you make your way up the 75.

If you wanna know what other podcasts rock, just tweet me @ConvoCounts I can be pretty chatty about the podcasts I’m loving at the moment and would love to hear what you are listening to right now.


(or put on a podcast and drive over here)

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#2 Maximize the number of Starbucks in your path. Because nothing better accompanies a commute better than a Double Chocolate Chip Frappucino.  Am I right?

#3 Find the quickest, safest route using the Waze app. Know your route ahead of time, and make sure you’re going down streets that you’re comfortable with at whatever time of day your commute requires.  This app is free and a complete game changer as it makes your trip efficient by using crowd sourced knowledge.  You’ll know where the new detours are, dead ends and even the cheapest gas (which is really important to know whether Kroger gas is killing it on price or if the QT is your best bet).  Download it here


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#4 PACK SNACKS! I’m a huge snack gal, so I like to have a snack in my bag regardless of the scenario. Can’t risk getting hangry, you know? I learned this trick about 5 years ago when I was trying to up my protein.  If you are hungry and you need to “drive thru” anything, you are probably going to have to hit Stonebriar Mall for a whole new wardrobe in a bigger size.  Subscribe to Graze subscription snacks (just discovered these really cool, unique snacks) or pack some ziplock bags with nuts, kale chips, pretzels.  Its much easier on your wallet this way too and keeps your road rage under control.

#5 Shoes matter. I mean, this is just a simple fact of life (especially for my ladies here).  Whether you are walking through downtown Dallas or driving your car down the highway, being in comfortable shoes that are good for your body make a huge difference.  So, keep some sneaks in your car or even driving moccasins (or even some of those fluffy socks – thats how I roll) and take a load off your precious feet.

Now, I want to know more about your commute . . . how long is it?  And where are you commuting to each day?


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