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cedar ridge preserve

Road Trip to Cedar Ridge Preserve

Road Trip to Cedar Ridge Preserve

There’s something about a road trip that brings out the inner child in me.  And the weather we have had this winter/spring has been the perfect road tripping weather.

We had a wide open Saturday in front of us and our friends recommended hiking Cedar Ridge Preserve that is run by the Dallas Audobon society.  SInce we love hiking new trails around the metroplex, we were totally on board.


cedar ridge preserve














From Plano, we took the George Bush toll road pretty much the entire way until we hit I-20 (easy peasy, so worth the tolls).  We took the I-20 exit eastbound.  As soon as we were up on top of the ramp, we could see the entire park system ahead of us . . . in an instant, the topography changes into rolling hills and lush greenery.

Its as if Dallas is far, far away.


cedar ridge preserve


cedar ridge preserve

Of course we took the furbabies, Bowden and Dutch.  We’ll do anything to make them tired (and yes, we succeeded)



cedar ridge preserve

At the first trailhead you’ll find a map, take a snapshot with your phone to bring with you.  We found our first stop, Cat Tail Pond.



cedar ridge preserve

And bluebonnets!!

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cedar ridge preserve

Refreshing swimming hole with a mini waterfall made Bowden very happy!



cedar ridge preserve

We found ourselves walking in the middle of bluebonnets!  This is the time to get those family pictures =)


Only 45 minutes away from Collin County, this is a great hiking excursion.

Here’s the link to their site http://www.audubondallas.org/cedar-ridge-preserve/


7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy

Cedar Hill, TX 75249


Don’t forget wear good shoes, bring lots of water and pack a lunch (there are lots of hills and you’ll prob enjoy a rest)


what to do in plano





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