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Get Facebook Ads Help Now

The Facebook Ads platform is a powerful tool that can help a business go from 0 to 60. From helping a chiropractor get 22 new leads in 1 week, a lawyer adding 9 new clients in 2 weeks, a gym adding 109 members in 1 month or the excitement of a lash studio who had a grand opening with sales in hand an increase of 38% in sales quickly. Or a car dealership that closed 6 new car loans in 6 weeks.

I recently watched a news story about Adidas who’s CMO has planned to cut all traditional print and TV ads to switch over to online advertising and because of this grow from 1 billion to 4 billion. The ability to be part of a business who can cut out the community relations where they spend time spinning their wheels at Chamber and networking meetings or static ads in the local paper is exciting for myself and my clients. At the end of the day my agency helps businesses go big and ultimately stay in business. And as Frank Kern states, you don”t have a business until you know the cost of your leads.

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I get businesses quality leads every day through Facebook Ads

My Facebook Ads Agency specializes in growing businesses. Our clients have seen massive leaps in their sales volume while decreasing their cost per sale from using the data that Facebook provides. By fully managing and optimizing your Facebook account on an ongoing basis, together we can unlock the unlimited potential of Facebook Ads. With more than 1.59 billion users worldwide that’s the equivalent of 12 Super Bowl Audiences everyday, Facebook has created a tremendous opportunity for any businesses to reach their audiences and deliver resonating messages.

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Its amazing to help business owners who are new to Facebook, but super serious about growing their business quickly, to cut out the clutter and the “busy marketing” of everything else they are trying and get laser focused and make more money.

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Who you are:

You are a business owner.

Maybe you run a solar panel company, a roofing business, a rehab treatment center, counseling center, you could be a hairstylist, dentist, chiropractor, painter, car dealer, personal trainer, indoor kids play facility, restaurant or you can fill in the blank  =)

Maybe you are BOOSTING Facebook posts.

STOP doing that. You think you are doing something but you are not.

You are also serious about your company and ready to invest and crack the Facebook code. No boosts allowed  =)

What you are most challenged with:

Getting business leads that you can scale.

This means if you are using traditional advertising you have to allocate a large portion of your budget for an ad and a funnel that cannot change. If you attend Chamber of Commerce meetings, you have to get dressed, drive at the crack of dawn and listen to the same 30-second commercials for an hour . . . you need your time and you need your money back.

You are probably intrigued by Facebook Ads and perhaps you have played around with boosting a post here or there. You know that if you can crack the code, you would have a pipeline full of leads.

What you need most right now:

In a nutshell, more sales. More income.

Its 2017, and you are serious about getting on board with the modern way of marketing because you are serious about growing your business and blowing away the competition.

[currently updating my forms and calendar links – please email becca@BluebonnetMarketing.co – remember thats a .co not a .com to get STARTED immediately]

Facebook Ads is the place to be:

I’ve watched new gyms acquire 109 new members in one month

A hairstylist close an extra $900 of business in one week

An Acura Car Dealership decrease their cost of leads by 81% and add 6 new car sales in 2 months

A Cupcake Shop increase their foot traffic by 25%

A Clothing Store 9x their sales after using the Facebook Pixel

A Kids’ Educational Program take 40% less time to fill up the seats

Stop doing it yourself and hand it over to my team.

Let’s start with a chat first to see how I’ll be able to help

[currently updating my forms and calendar links – please email becca@BluebonnetMarketing.co – remember thats a .co not a .com to get STARTED immediately]