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why i love january

Why I Love January

The Christmas frenzy begins when Hallmark releases its first Christmas movie – this past year that was October 27.

That’s when the holiday markets around town are in full swing.

Lots of events.

More handbell functions for the FCC Ringers in downtown Plano.

More gift exchanges, potlucks and dinners.


Wrapping gifts.


And for me, by the time Christmas day arrives, my skinny jeans are snug as a bug in a rug and I’m literally exhausted. why i love january

Thankfully, Christmas day is just chillaxing (with food of course) and most importantly, I get to trade in my skinny jeans for pajama pants. By December 25, this wardrobe variation is a non-negotiable.

By the evening of December 25 I begin to see the light.

Once January 1 shows its beautiful face, I am thrilled.

Some are sad. Some are depressed to say goodbye to the holiday season.

But I am enthusiastically awaiting for its arrival.

Its my favorite month to recalibrate, find my peace and see the next 365 days through fresh new eyes.

why i love january

Plus, its a great time to visit it all of my very favorite coffee shops.

Spend nights at home practicing hygge (the scandinavian term for getting extra cozy), getting into my pjs sooner, less plans . . more snuggling with my pups.

And lots of hot chocolate and coffee.

why i love january

Am I crazy to love January so much?

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