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boi na braza irving texas

Oh Boi! Our Yummy Dinner at Boi Na Braza in Las Colinas

Its funny that I spent 12 years as a vegetarian.

You would have never believed it if you saw me at Boi Na Braza the other night at what I like to call a carnivore’s delight.

Even Brian laughs about my vegetarian years and my complete 360 into being a meat lover.

But as they say, you’re a product of your surroundings and after moving from California to Texas, well, there’s a lot less vegans over in this great state. So here I am, a transformed total meathead.

Needless to say, we were super excited to get invited to the grand opening of Boi Na Braza in Las Colinas. Endless meat of every kind!!

From Plano, we took the George Bush and arrived in about 30 min. Easy peasy. But if you are a DART train lover like me, just jump on the orange line for an adventure to this new complex (see my orange line guide here).

This Brazilian steakhouse is nestled inside of the Toyota Music Factory pavilion.

The Pavillion at Toyota Music Factory is a 17-acre, mixed use entertainment and restaurant complex. This state-of-the art venue converts from a 2,500 intimate theater, to a 4,000 capacity indoor theater and opens up to an 8,000-person capacity boutique open-air pavilion featuring artists like Barry Manilow, Jack Johnson, Beck and Brad Paisley.

boi na braza irving texas


boi na braza irving texas

So let me tell you about this place:

You’ll want to start here at the “salad” bar.

Total quotes on the salad part because it has everything from sundried tomatoes to the most beautiful slices of mozzarella to beef stroganoff. Its far from your basic salad bar and I am soooo thankful for that.


boi na braza irving texas


And lots of amazing cheese options.

I could have just eaten this all night.

boi na braza irving texas


If you have a vegetarian or gluten sensitive person in your dinner party, they will get a killer meal here.  Seriously, no one is walking away hungry.


boi na braza irving texas boi na braza irving texas boi na braza irving texas

So much salmon.

My husband loaded up on this fresh salmon and topped it off with red onions and capers.


boi na braza irving texas

When you are ready for meat, you just turn over the red circles on your table.

Then the meat will literally arrive at your table in every form until you turn the disc over to pause the meat.

boi na braza irving texas

My husband literally looked like he died and went to heaven at this point.

Your hubby will too  =)

If I had to recommend a way to close out the evening, I would strongly recommend the caramel turtle cheesecake. Its so creamy and delicious.

boi na braza irving texas

We still could not stop after dessert.

Why stop a good thing, right?

If you are at a Brazilian restaurant, you’ll need to try a Caipirinha.

boi na braza irving texas

I love this shot I took on the ice, so instagrammable.

And it looks so refreshing.

They have a few varieties, we both chose the tropical caipirinha.

The Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaca, sugarcane hard liquor, sugar and lime.

It was yummy, as well as the salad bar, the meats the fried plantains they brought to the table, the pao de queijo, the desserts . . it was so divine . . . and FTR we were full for 2 days after.

boi na braza irving texas

Cheers to a great meal and massive thanks to Boi Na Braza for hosting my husband and I for a memorable night out.


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