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3 Restaurants that Kids + Adults will be Entertained at in Collin County

Newsflash: Kids can be annoying (not your precious little angels, though). And yet, parents like to eat at restaurants with them.

Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn’t, for a number of reasons. Perhaps the kids are hungry, sleepy, they peed themselves, or are just crankypants.

Or perhaps the restaurant isn’t appropriately kid-friendly and the parents made an un-wise decision. Don’t be that parent. Take your kids to one of these three kid-friendly establishments here in Collin County and stack the deck in your favor for a pleasant evening, devoid of angry stares from surrounding diners.

  1. Bavarian Grill

A costumed staff, polka band & big beer selection fuel the festive mood at this German eatery in Plano.  Allen will lead up your entertainment, yup, the kind that he involves the crowd in.  The good kind of involvement.  You know what I’m talking about (you get to sit in your chair, at your table and seat dance without giving up your food or drink)  German songs, family songs, dancing, chicken dancing . . . seriously we always have a good time here.

It’s an AMAZING place, sooo Bavarian!

The one thing that just blew my mind is a toy train running on a little railroad rails laid around the entire establishment, passing your table every several minutes. It’s brilliant! So exciting for kids! And as your waiting for your table, there is a huge puzzle awaiting your hand at  . . well, a piece of the puzzle.

221 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75023

2. Spaghetti Warehouse

It’s easy to forget that we have one of these classic restaurants right up 75 in our neck of the woods.  To kids, it is a magical place filled with all the yummy Italian items that they love and a trolley car in the middle of the restaurant.  Yep, you can sit inside the trolley (which I still do as an adult), just make sure to request a table there when chatting with the hostess.

3. Dickey’s BBQ (soft ice cream machine)

Sundays, kids eat FREE at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit!  Kids 12 and under can choose any item on the kids menu, each served with fries and a drink.  One FREE kids meal for each adult meal purchased.  Dine-in only. Enjoy!  And, FREE ice cream every day.  Good BBQ for Mom & Dad and kid-friendly food and atmosphere.

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