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4 Cafés in Collin County to Satisfy Your Next Coffee Craving

  1. Filtered


218 East Louisiana Street, Ste.400 McKinney, TX 75069

I remember watching the owner paint the exterior of the building while the place was still full of dust and construction.  He told me how passionate he was about coffee and how much he wanted to bring his love of this caffeinated beverage to the downtown Mckinney Square.  Sure enough, all his hard work paid off and the coffee shop (the only real coffee shop on the Square) came to fruition with a delicious coffee and an awesome Portland kind of vibe.  They offer hand-crafted coffee and water infusions with a culture that defines your lifestyle. CHEMEX POUR-OVER, NITRO COLD-BREW COFFEE, or you can stick with an espresso or a drip.  Although there are other cafes on the Square, filter(ed) is truly a coffee bar.  Like a pull-up-a-chair to chat with a good friend or if its me hover over my Macbook blogging away getting super caffeinated surrounded by other doing the same thing.  Yes!  I love a true coffee shop.


2.  Coffeehouse 1418

If Central Perk (aka the coffee shop on Friends) had a doppelganger this place would be it.  Located in downtown Plano, its charming, run by the charming owner Melissa and features delicious coffees, mochas, teas and an ambience that is comfy cozy chic.  The owner put a lot of work into this place, shopping for every piece of decor and every piece of unique furniture that she had (read: paid) to store until she was able to lease this space.  Its everything a coffeehouse is supposed to be.  Oh, and they serve pie!  Really pretty southern pies.  Yum!

1418 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074


3. Frogg Coffee & Creperie

832 Market St, Allen, Texas 75013

There is something very European about this place and I just love it.  Its in the middle of Watter’s Creek shopping plaza but situated on a corner spot with a delightful patio that seriously gets a lovely breeze.  I love grabbing a cup of joe from the always sweet staff here and popping onto the patio with a friend where we can forget about time and the hurried world around us.  Oh, on nice weather days, they pull out a cart of games and books to peruse while hanging out.  Like I said this place is charming . . . and if you want a nosh they have Nutella crepes!!!


4. Coffeehouse Cafe

This is a gem of a cafe on Frankford road off a busy intersection – if you are not paying attention you might just miss it.  But please don’t.  Go for coffee and stay for the food.  Walking into this cafe I was surprised how “smart” it was.  I don’t know how to explain what I mean by “smart” but you’ll understand when you go.  There is a round bar in the middle so you can pop in solo and grab a bar stool, or grab a booth up on the mezzanine.  Their coffee is outstanding!  Like OMG, freaking delicious.  They use coffee beans that are shade grown, organic, organic and kosher.  This is apparently a winning combination.  If you want a nosh, stay for the food (pssst: they have challah french toast sandwiches)

6150 Frankford Rd Dallas, TX 75252

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