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Hi there! My name is Becca and I started this blog in late 2015 with an intent to show my life, what I love and and all my adventures in Collin County (and beyond).  This website isn’t from a journalist perspective its a very personal one, showing what I’m doing, where I love to find my favorite nature spots and where my husband (plus 2 giant dogs) and I go on adventures.  Its an inside view to Collin County, created with personality (my weird perspective and quirks included).  This is my second time to live in Collin County and after living in South Florida and Southern California – I felt Collin County was financially a sound decision.  So here I am . . although I miss some of my adventures in my beach towns, I’ve chosen to bring my adventurous spirit to Collin County.

Downtown Plano
A little about me:

I’m 38, married to Brian. Oh, and my name is Becca Niederkrom! We have 2 dog children, Miss Bobby Bowden Princess Niederkrom (aka Bow Bow), a Shepherd, and Dutch, the craziest yellow lab (update: Dec 2015, Riley passed away during our trip to Cuba and we came back home and adopted Dutch a Great Labradane from the Plano Texas Animal Shelter).  In fact, don’t be surprised if you see many pictures of them here on the blog.  I love to create and love to work!  But I am a huge proponent of the “slow movement” meaning we walk wherever we can, spend a lot of time in nature and hit the farmers markets to make many of our own meals.  I currently get hired for corporate speaking and training events (spoken at Match.com, Mastercard in Brazil, Tory Burch, and startups like Asana). And I also created an entire North Texas Collection you can browse here

I also present on technical topics, consult privately on how to market online, run a few digital courses and a number of blogs (here’s my most popular blog – I Really Love Chocolate.) And yep, my cupboards are full of chocolate from around the world, oh my, what a problem to have!

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Anyway, I have a passion for adventure, getting lost (purposefully, not like, really lost when I need to be somewhere). I love to travel, dance, take the DART, discover new trails and parks, hike, mountain bike, paddle board, windsurf, swim, workout, play tennis, read books and listen to jazz. When the weather is just right here in Collin County, I love to be outside all day, every day.  My weaknesses are chocolate and BravoTV (yes, I’m trying to quit, BravoTV that is).

And most importantly, I love that you are here and I love meeting you when I am out and about and learning what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

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You can reach me here ConversationCounts@gmail.com



P.S.  If you know someone who lives in Collin County or planning to move here, will you pass this site on?

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